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I like going on business trips. It breaks up the usual office routine and you get to see colleague face to face and are able to explore other locations and countries. My next trip will take me to Poznan in Poland, were the company I work for has 2 large offices already and a third one in the planning. Clearly an ever expanding area. The colleagues are very n ice, very career orientated and keen to learn everything of their counterparts in the US, Europe and the rest of the world. I also like these trips because you get a chance to learn about the different cultures. Anyhow, preparing for a business trip is what I really wanted to touch on in this post. What to take with you, airport rush or oh so long layovers, food and so on. You get the idea.

I am going to travel in style, thank goodness. I am not a huge fan of budget airline service being sprayed with all sort of perfumes mid-flight and the clapping and cheering at the end for “another successful flight”.. well, I do use them occasionally of course since I am flying often between Scotland and Germany to visit my family back home. So there clearly is nothing bad about them, but the missing comfort!

I’ve been to Poznan before and given its history, you can still see the very German influence in many parts of the city. Summertime there is nice and hot. However that is already six years ago and according to my colleagues, a lot has changed. Makes sense. I already got my Starbucks mug trophy from my first visit, so I guess the only thing that’s on my wish list this time is a fridge magnet.  Sounds simply stupid? Well, I guess we all have some sort of memory we like brining back from our trips.

I found the below page to get more insight for this trip and wanted to make sure I share it with you as well:

Travel to Poznan

So it clearly doesn’t always have to be a long flight to a very distant destination under palm trees. Exploring Europe and its companions is very interesting and charming. Beaches are just as nice as anywhere else in the world and weather can be super-hot at peak summer time. I will keep you updated in this post straight from the location and will surely add some pictures and/or videos for you as well.

Bon voyage.


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