Afternoon Tea

One of the few things I really like about Scotland is this little tradition called Afternoon Tea. You meet up with friends or family in the restaurant/bar of a fancy (old) hotel and get served a beautiful collection of tiny cakes, chocolates and sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, jam, honey, … you get the idea. It’s usually served on a étagère and with a bottle of some fizzy stuff, coffees and teas are served on top of it. I clearly prefer the old classic elegant hotels as it feels even more traditional but you certainly will find afternoon teas in newer hotels as well as certain restaurants served with a modern twist.

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It happened that I just recently went to one of these fancy afternoon teas in the Old Waverley Hotel on Princess Street in Edinburgh, that was organised for a friend as a hen/bridal party. Below a little video if you are interested in the Hotel.

The whole procedure took about three hours, chatting eating, laughing and more eating and sipping the bubbly from the crystal glasses. It was beautiful. No worries, it won’t take that long all the time, for those of you that need to move faster, you just take the time you want. Ours was clearly taking a long time as we were eight chatty ladies.

If one of you lovely people is traveling to Scotland or planning to, make sure you try this out. There are many more traditions for sure but I find this one after all these years is the most iconic one that everybody likes no matter what age and no matter what taste buds you got. There is something for everybody.

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