Airport security – travelling equipped

I felt somehow funny this morning at Edinburgh Airport security when I started my business trip to Poznan/Poland. I guess it’s the new normal travelling with all sorts of technology. When I started to empty the contents of my hand luggage and pockets into the little trays on the security belt, I realised that I am not travelling as light as I thought. Tray 1 (yes I needed two) basics: jacket, belt, passport, handbag, little poly bag with liquids, tickets, and scarf. So far so good.

Tray 2 was an impressive collection of laptop, iPad, private iPhone, business iPhone, Apple Watch, Sony headphones…. my oh my, think about it. What a value! This is, I have to say, almost insane but the new normal at the same time I guess?!

Are you guys travelling as equipped as I am or are there recommendations on how to “electronically” de-clutter for my next trip?

I guess it’s the so often asked question as to “do I really need all of this?” “I probably don’t” should be the answer. It’s a fairly spoiled lifestyle I guess. However, it does give you comfort- funny enough. It’s something you brought from home and it holds a lot of personal information and memories these days.

Don’t judge me if I allow myself the comparison of a teddy bear that a child would carry on journeys. It’s less cuddly but provides the same amount of comfort to a grown up.

I can prep my next blog entry, can play my favourite game (the room 1-3), listen to my favourite music, look at pics of George and my beagle girls or even watch a movie. My iPad and phone are real all-rounder’s and I am thankful having them.


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