It was summer 2016 when I did a tour with my family through the south of Germany. Beautiful wine regions, good food, great hill walking, so much to see and visit and very high temperatures. It was that one day when we decided to visit a local bee keeper that is selling their products to the local and surrounding shops.

I have to admit that until that day I only thought of Honey when it comes to the Bee Keepers business. But, oh I was so wrong! After a tour seeing Queen Bee and her little buzzing empire, we visited “the shop”. The shop that was located within the Bee Keeper family’s home and really was just made of 2 large wooden book shelves offered quite a number of interesting products. From honey in multiple flavours to propolis, hair products, lotions and creams, spices and many more.

Now, I was totally open to anything new and being prone to many allergies and adult acne, I was especially open to products that are as natural as possible.

So I started my shopping and ended up with 2 jars of delicious honey, propolis pollen which I have never heard of ever before but my aunt quickly convinced me that I must have it and a small glass tub of propolis repair cream. Once the holiday was over and I was back at home in Scotland, I started to try out all my new findings. The honey was a no brainer. Very delicious used it for my morning breakfast, for cooking as well as baking. I can only recommend it. Propolis pollen was totally new to me, but I am a big fan of it now. I am adding it to my yoghurt in the morning let it soak for ten minutes and then enjoy it with fruit.

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It really gives you the often needed energy kick in the morning. I have the explanation of it further below and I can only say: you need to try it. Its full of protein and I believe it helped me a lot with my allergies and skin.

As for the cream; it was meant to be some kind of “first aid/emergency” cream. So it was sitting there in my bathroom hardly getting any attention at the beginning. However, when I had another outbreak of my adult acne and my usual creams were empty, I just grabbed the propolis repair cream in an act of desperation. What can I say. It turned out that this cream was my best friend from now on. Its not only silky, smooth and smells unbelievable nice, it dry’s in quickly doesn’t leave any shine and my skin has never been better before. Very thankful for this find. I have the link to the Bee Keepers page below for you. Please go and visit in person if you are in that area or take a look at their website. It shows you again that there is a lot of great small local business that deserves attention. I am definitely cured from “just going to the supermarket and grabbing some honey”. There is a massive difference in quality and taste.

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