Autumn is finally here!

Autumn is here….and with autumn comes the typical autumn weather and of course the question: What to wear today? Yes, we are standing once again in front of the wardrobes realizing that there is “nothing” to wear at all. Which probably in many cases – just like mine – is not true at all, but it always feels like it. I usually try though to buy things to wear these days that I can combine with multiple different styles whether it is casual or business or sporty. I usually try and check my favourite online store out and create my own little wish list. Some of these wishes might never make it my way, others will likely be a must have and some might fall off the list as they are not as appealing as they were the first time I saw the item. Now, the wish list functionality is quite common these days for the online shops. Don’t get me wrong, I just put the list together, it doesn’t mean that I put on the spending pants right away. My wish list can just sit there for weeks sometimes months, it grows and shrinks just depending on my mood and also of course depending on the items availability. Some of the favourites might sell out and the final decision is then made for me.

However, just like regular window shopping, I am finding it equally satisfying to put my wish list together and to get an idea of trends, price tags, materials, colours and to piece together nice outfits for myself.


My favourite online shop to snoop around is:


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