Breakfast in a Jar

If you are one of my Instagram followers, you will already know by now that I am a big fan of “Breakfast creations in a Jar”. The Breakfast in a Jar is always made of healthy, mainly organic ingredients. Always gluten free and mostly dairy free. There are so many ways and variations for this. So why not try it out yourself. You can prep them in your own time, even the evening before and the benefits of using the jar is that you can either eat it at home or take it away to work or wherever you are heading. Road trips, pick nicks, etc….

I always make sure i have a nice variety of layers and always use fresh or frozen fruit. you can add anything from muesli, granola, dairy, dairy free, quark, skyr, chocolate nibs, oatmeal, syrup, chia, nut butter, maca, pea protein, matcha, chocolate powder, honey, etc. make it yours and kick start your day with something that is not just pretty but that will also make you happy while eating.












As for the nut butter, my personal preference is Pip&Nut but there are many more out there that are of excellent quality.

As for the plant based milk, i am usually buying Alpro, KOKO or new in my super market Pip&Nut. I can recommend all three brands. If you are sugar conscious, make sure you read the labels. just head over to the websites. I linked them all three for you and you can check the contents right away.

So if you need a little inspiration for your indulgent yet healthy breakfast, why not heat over to my Instagram. You can find the full range in one of the highlights.

enjoy!! :-)

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