Butter Bean Mash

This is for sure one of my favorite replacements for potato. Its quick and easy and so very delicious. At 39 pence average price for a tin of beans, its a very low cost meal as well and still so full of goodness for you. All you need for this yummy dish is: (for 2–4 […]

Merry Christmas

We are wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2018. Have a wonderful time with your families and friends. Eat well, relax, laugh a lot and be happy at heart. We hope to see you all back on this blog in the new year. May 2018 bring you joy, […]

chilli thyme chips

Baked chips with chilli & thyme

These chilli & thyme oven-baked chips are just so delicious. I made them as a weekend dinner. I cannot say often enough how much better homemade chips are compared to what you buy off the super market shelves and it’s such an easy to make dish. Best though is that you can decide what flavour […]

Quinoa for Breakfast? Yes!

I bought a lot of Quinoa recently. Really just because I was told you “it’s good for you” and “you can make so much with it”. So I was determined to “do something good for myself”. Well, that enthusiasm is a good few weeks ago now and all the Quinoa moved further and further to […]

Autumn is finally here!

Autumn is here….and with autumn comes the typical autumn weather and of course the question: What to wear today? Yes, we are standing once again in front of the wardrobes realizing that there is “nothing” to wear at all. Which probably in many cases – just like mine – is not true at all, but […]