Airport security – travelling equipped

I felt somehow funny this morning at Edinburgh Airport security when I started my business trip to Poznan/Poland. I guess it’s the new normal travelling with all sorts of technology. When I started to empty the contents of my hand luggage and pockets into the little trays on the security belt, I realised that I […]

Afternoon Tea

One of the few things I really like about Scotland is this little tradition called Afternoon Tea. You meet up with friends or family in the restaurant/bar of a fancy (old) hotel and get served a beautiful collection of tiny cakes, chocolates and sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, jam, honey, … you get the idea. It’s usually […]


It was summer 2016 when I did a tour with my family through the south of Germany. Beautiful wine regions, good food, great hill walking, so much to see and visit and very high temperatures. It was that one day when we decided to visit a local bee keeper that is selling their products to the […]

Business Trips

I like going on business trips. It breaks up the usual office routine and you get to see colleague face to face and are able to explore other locations and countries. My next trip will take me to Poznan in Poland, were the company I work for has 2 large offices already and a third […]