Banana Bread

Everybody likes Banana Bread and there are probably hundreds of recipes out there that are all super yummy. I actually had never made Banana Bread before until my sister sent me a recipe card from Joanna Gaines. You might know her from Fixer Upper. One of my favourite programs for sure. Shame to see it […]


Ready in 20 minutes. A quick and easy from-scratch Curry recipe. I think most people like a good curry, especially in the winter season or in general when its cold and wet outside and you need something to warm you up. You clearly could just go and buy curry paste or ready meal after a […]

Butter Bean Mash

This is for sure one of my favorite replacements for potato. Its quick and easy and so very delicious. At 39 pence average price for a tin of beans, its a very low cost meal as well and still so full of goodness for you. All you need for this yummy dish is: (for 2–4 […]

Quinoa for Breakfast? Yes!

I bought a lot of Quinoa recently. Really just because I was told you “it’s good for you” and “you can make so much with it”. So I was determined to “do something good for myself”. Well, that enthusiasm is a good few weeks ago now and all the Quinoa moved further and further to […]